• ClientBWS
  • ServicesApp design

BWS is a convenient stand alone liquor outlet offering consumers a wide range of products. Perfect for stopping in on the way to a dinner party to pick up a wine or grabbing a 6 pack of beer to watch the football, BWS offers local shoppers a convenient liquor option.

We were tasked to build an app with the vision of providing the easiest way to purchase drink by offering a highly localised, personalised and convenient shopping.

Working in design sprints, we partnered with the client in workshops and co-design sessions. Leading the design team, myself and the team formulated personas, user journeys, concepts, prototypes and designs, and validated with the development team. We then documented templates and components for the handover.

Design Principles

Drawing on the research, collaboratively with the client we created a set of design principles. These principles ensured we had a collective goal and vision for the product; ensuring ongoing alignment.


Create effortless experiences through consistent and minimal process. Deliver with simple yet thoughtful interactions.


Communicate succinctly with customers, not bombard them overly. Advise, assist and inform through conversational, personal, authentic language.


Make it personal and create value by delivering relevant and contextual offers and solutions, and provide a seamless connectivity to customer benefits.


Inspire and delight customers with moments – they occur during footy matches, at summer BBQs and romantic dinners. Accompany moments through interactions, imagery and illustrations.


Ensure customers know where they are going, but are happy to explore and discover. Offer cues and clues to aid and engage.